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October 5, 2020

Real-world renters: Your rental experiences

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We love hearing your positive feel-good rental stories, follow us on Twitter @OmeHQ and tweet us stories of your rental experiences, remember to use our hashtag #RealWorldRenters. So, let’s hear the positive renting experiences from our #RealWorldRenters

Meet our real-world renters

Real-world renters: Your rental experiences

Samantha, 33

Real-world renters

“I chose to rent in this area at the time as it was easier to get to work. Renting is easier for us at the moment due to having to care for family members. There is a lot of positives to renting, you know you have a roof over your head, and you know any nasty surprise expenses like boilers etc. are covered by landlord. When my husband lost his job, my landlord gave us free rent and food until we manged to find another job; and every year on birthdays, Easter and Christmas he gives us a little gift.”

Jason, Somerset

“I was renting my first place and the landlord had to come over to do a quick repair, I noticed he had his daughter with him who was rather nice. I eventually got to ask her out and 19 years and one son later we are still together.”

Real-world renters

Sandra, London

“I used to rent a house in Sunbury on Thames and the landlord was terrific. She replaced the old fridge and had a gardener round to tidy up the garden for us.
I chose to rent because I was not eligible for a mortgage at the time. It was expensive to rent but I always felt I could ask for help if something needed doing in the house and the owner was very pleasant.”


“We were renting a property for just over three years and the landlord said that his brother was looking to sell his property and move abroad.
He offered it to us before it went to the market and we bought it and had two of our three children there!”


“I work on a children’s orthopaedic ward and in March unfortunately we closed, and I had to go and help on other wards and with coronavirus patients that were having end of life care.
My husband was furloughed, and he is diabetic, so it’s been a stressful few months.
My lovely landlord was a star he gave us a three-month rental break whilst I was redeployed and my hubby was on furlough, this was such a big boost morally and financially really did help us out.
We used to have a mortgage, but we’ve been renting for six years approximately now the best thing we’ve ever done.
It’s a lot easier and less stressful and you have the peace of mind that your landlord is responsible for major repairs etc. I would definitely recommend renting especially in the current climate that we are in.”

Siobhan, London

“I decided to rent because I was working in London and needed an easy commute.
I was lucky that my friend was looking at the same time and we were able to rent together.
A happy experience would have been spending my birthday with my flatmate and she baked me a cake.
I think renting is a really good idea if you do not know what you want to do long term. I rented because it was convenient for me and it worked out really well.”
Real-world renters

Marie, Ealing

“I’ve rented my flat in Ealing for about 15 years and in that time, I’ve had new windows fitted and a new kitchen installed.
…Renting has its ups and downs but at least I know that repairs and any other problems are not my responsibility….”

Becks, 26, London

Real-world renters: Your rental experiences
“Overall, renting has been great for me as I’m always changing job location and never really wanted to settle to one specific place. It is expensive, but it suits my lifestyle, and I have no regrets!
I have been able to live in a lovely house in Queen’s Park with two other great girls I work with. I’m close to the station, and I would never have been able to afford this flat otherwise. I have rented for the past eight years while being a student in London and now a professional. In that time, I have had so many different kinds landlords you wouldn’t believe!…”
“I think I’ve always been lucky with my landlords to be honest. I’ve never had any catastrophic housing issues, but all my problems have always been fixed. In saying that, I have always also paid rent on time and been a good tenant!
At the moment, my landlord lives below me (I’m in a house converted into two flats). She’s always around which makes her super accessible. I’d consider her a friend as well as a landlord.
She’s just had a baby so it’s nice to know my money is going to a good cause! We have a WhatsApp group where we message her with any issues, and she replies straight away.”

Thomas, 29, Hertfordshire

Real-world renters: Your experiences
“When I think about my positive experiences whilst renting, I automatically think of my landlord in the final year of university.
He was great.
He would send us money to replace items in the house that were broken or that had stopped working, without asking any questions.
As a university student, that level of blind trust isn’t often dished out, and his generosity and trusting nature was really appreciated…”  

“In the end it helped us all to build a great relationship with him and he was sad to see us go at the end of the year. It would have been easy for him to be suspicious of us, asking for one thing after another but he wasn’t, and he forked out to get our dishwasher, microwave, and lights fixed.
I think the landlord-tenant relationship is important and once you’ve moved on from a property it will often be the thing you remember.
When you have a great landlord, who works hard to make sure you have a positive experience in their property, renting is amazing.
And in this instance, the trust our landlord placed in us was rewarded as we were good tenants and we didn’t use his money to go out and buy alcohol, even though we were university students!”

Kate, 35, London

“When I was offered a fantastic position at a big insurance firm in London, I couldn’t turn it down. At first, I tried to work from home in Wales, but I found the distance to be an obstacle to my work as it was tricky to commute back and forth.
It didn’t take me long to realise that my best option would be to rent somewhere close by to work. Fortunately, I found a beautiful spot in no time at all and now I know it was the best decision I ever made.

“It wouldn’t have been possible for me to buy a house in the area I live in now.
Who knows maybe in the future I’ll want to return home to Wales, so at the moment renting my home means I’m in the best position possible.
And another bonus, I no longer spend my life on delayed trains!”

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