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Deposit Replacement Membership

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Tenancy Deposit Protection

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86% of tenants will pay less than Β£9 per month each

You are responsible for

  • πŸ’· Unpaid rent/bills

    Any money you owe must be settled when you leave the property

  • 🏚️ Damages

    You are responsible for damage you cause

  • πŸ“ Other tenancy terms

    You must honour any other agreements in your tenancy

World class resolutions 🌍

When it gets round to moving out, you and your landlord are free to negotiate any End of Tenancy Settlements – just like a traditional cash deposit.

If you struggle to reach an agreement our appointed, international award-winning Resolution Team will help you to negotiate.

If necessary, our legally trained adjudicators will then make a decision using the evidence provided.

  • No large upfront cost

    Radically reduces the upfront cost of moving into your new home.

  • Rental wellbeing helpline

    Free expert support and guidance to help navigate any rental, financial or personal hurdle life has to offer.

  • Flexible payments

    Split the small monthly membership fee between your household or let one tenant manage the payments.

  • Financial freedom

    Never have to worry about saving for or borrowing a second deposit to move into a new home.

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