Relax in a deposit-free world.

Benefit from the same financial protection as a traditional deposit without the admin or legal requirements that come along with it.

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Manage your portfolio deposit stress free

Get rid of your responsibility of looking after other peoples’ money and get back to growing your horizons.

Introducing choice to the market

Deposit Replacement Membership

Find new tenant(s)

Tenancy Deposit Protection

Send invites to tenant(s)

Receive confirmation that Tenant is member

Request deposit

Receive deposit

Protect/lodge deposit

Issue Prescribed Information

Tenant confirms receipt/signs Prescribed Information

A landlord could be fined Β£4,000+ if they get traditional deposits wrong.

You are responsible for

  • πŸ“‹ Check in/out report

    All tenancies MUST have these reports or we cannot accept Resolutions.

  • πŸ“ Minimum referencing

    All tenants need to meet our minimum referencing standards.

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  • βœ… Dispute resolution

    It is up to you to start the Resolution process in your portal.

World class resolutions 🌍

When it gets round to your tenant moving out, you are free to negotiate any End of Tenancy Settlements – just like a traditional cash deposit.

If you struggle to reach an agreement our appointed, international award-winning Resolution Team will help you to negotiate.

If necessary, our legally trained adjudicators will then make a decision using the evidence provided.

  • Equal protection

    Offer unrivalled flexibility to your tenant but keep the same 5 weeks' financial protection

  • Risk free security

    Remove the threat of deposit related fines by offering our Deposit Replacement Membership

  • More free time

    Slim down your to-do list by removing the admin of cash deposits

  • Deposit experts

    Rest comfortably in the knowledge our world class adjudicators are the best in the business at resolving issues at the end of a tenancy

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