About Ome

By re-imagining how renting works, pioneering the new standards you expect and being truly transparent, together we can build the future of renting.

A deposit replacement by deposit experts.

Ome is the newest member of the Hamilton Fraser family. The Hamilton Fraser heritage gives us the knowledge gained from more than 20 years of experience serving over 15,000 letting agents, 200,000 landlords and over 2 million tenants across brands such as mydeposits, Property Redress Scheme and Client Money Protect – to name just a few.

Through its government authorised brand mydeposits, Hamilton Fraser manages 1 million deposits at any one time, adding 150,000 new tenancies every year. Using these capabilities, we are pioneering a brand new Deposit Replacement Membership that works for tenants, landlords and letting agents alike.

Nobody understands the complexities of deposit protection and the wider renting experiences the way we do.

Improving the rental industry through radical transparency.

We want to directly improve the rental industry by being honest to its challenges and communicating these to our team and community.

We live in a world where we can bank, shop and socialise in a digital environment. It is clear the rental experience needs to catch up. We will strive to continuously evolve solutions to fit the needs of our customers.

The values we stand by.

It’s really important to us that you know what we believe in and the standards we want you to hold us to.

Curious & Innovative:

For Ome to succeed in its mission to improve rental wellbeing we must be inquisitive, ask lots of questions and nurture the most fragile of ideas. We understand that to create something that is genuinely new we have to start again and disconnect from the past. We promise to constantly challenge the existing understanding of our industry so that we can look for new ways to make renting a better experience for everyone.

Honest & Transparent:

The very best ideas can very often come from the quietest voice. Ome is committed to listening to our team and our community to create products that fit our customers' needs. It is important to us that we nurture a transparent culture where constructive review is embraced and work upon. Only through complete honesty with ourselves and those in our industry will we succeed in refining, improving and ultimately simplifying our products and standards.

Flexible & Adaptable:

When the right idea comes along we will put together the right team for the moment. We prefer small, agile teams that will work to the high standards we set ourselves to achieve our goals. The private rental sector is in a period of change and for Ome and our community to succeed we must adapt to the road ahead.

Passion and Leadership:

Leaders are people who not only come up with and grow ideas but have the passion and drive to turn them into a reality. We are nurturing a culture where the most passionate people can take the biggest risks, step up to the plate and help make the biggest leaps forward to better our industry's needs.

Sit down, relax and make yourself at Ome.

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